Monday, June 15, 2009

First Pool Day!

Our little pool is finally up and running. It's nothing fancy but the boys love it. It's a good spot for cooling off! They are becoming little fish too! Just a few short years ago they all swam like rocks.

Lacey wasn't in a pool mood today. After hours of begging to "bounce" I finally gave in and went to the hot trampoline.

On another note, Facebook is giving me problems - maybe a hacker, not sure. Lots of my friends were deleted and when I try to add them back they don't exist! HUH? I couldn't upload photos for the longest time either. I have changed my password - hopefully it will work out soon!



Gwen said...

Glad the boys are doing so well swimming. Reed was like that with rock swimming for the longest time. I always said he was like a cat in a bag of rocks thrown into the river. He had all the moves, but he sank every time! LOL He's finally a great swimmer!

Laresa said...

Your facebook might have a virus. Be careful. Ask Tonya she had one and it went crazy on her facebook. It just attacks your facebook.
Darling pictures!