Tuesday, June 09, 2009

She's baaaack!

On Memorial Day, Miss Priss, being the ferocious, 4 pound, attack dog that she is, decided to run into the neighbor's yard to tease TWO, enormous, shock collar wearing, BIG dogs. Miss Priss came out of it with a fractured pelvis and puncture wounds. We have kept her completely confined, per doctor's orders, for two weeks. We were supposed to keep her confined for month, but she was going BONKERS. We let her out and she is soooo happy! We fixed our backyard fence so she can no longer slide under the gate and escape to the neighbor's yard ever again. Lacey is so glad to have her "puppy doodles" back. Once again, she gets to put her "baby" in the stroller and have a grand time. Lacey and Miss Priss really do love each other. Only a few moments after being attacked, Miss Priss lay motionless in the grass. Anyone got near her she would snap and go nuts. Lacey got near her and said, "Hey there my Missy Prissy. You're okay." Believe it or not, Miss Priss wagged her tail and let Lacey rub her head. Lacey kept talking to her and the injured pup limped and yelped herself into her kennel so we could get her in the house. They have a real bond. I know most people say little kids and chihuahuas don't mix, but that's not the case at our house!



Anonymous said...

Awwwww....So cute!!! And I love the picture of the boys and Lacey at the header....So adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a healthy respect for these tiny little dogs. There's one in my neighborhood who yaps like crazy when I walk by, so lately I've started avoiding that block. Now I feel a little embarrassed after reading about Lacey.

Gwen said...

OH my goodness, she's adorable! I'm glad she's doing ok. We have chis and they think they could rule the world. If only they had mirrors to realize how small they really are!