Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Place In the Sun

I had just been complaining that we didn't have a good spot to plant some tomato plants. I LOVE tomatoes, especially fresh from the garden. Our yard is so full of shade trees that there wasn't enough sun to grow anything. But, I just couldn't cut down a tree. Well, apparently someone heard me because a nice shade tree was taken out during the early April storm that we had. And there it was, the garden spot. Travis and the boys went to work and now we have string beans, cucumbers, watermelon, corn, and TOMATOES!
Here's the before:



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Anita said...

Ooh, those look GOOD! I'm not sure if this counts as one of those "be careful what you ask for" lessons. On the one hand, a tree came down. On the other... it didn't hit your house :) Maybe it's just Heavenly Father's sense of humor again...