Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday: On My Walk....

I have a daily ritual during the summer. After dinner I go on a walk around our property – taking however many children with me who would like to come. I photograph things, talk about things, but mostly I just enjoy the scenery. When the days get shorter, I don't always get my walks in, but I always try! I thought it would be fun if every Friday I posted photos from my walks that week. Sometimes they will be captioned, but sometimes there will just be photos. I have so many misc photos – I'd love to include them on my blog! So, here's the first Friday edition of my “walk” photo.

These are peaches growing on our peach tree. Notice the problem?? After lots of investigation, I've discovered why our peaches never get big and really are never good enough to eat. The deal is: I didn't kill enough of them. Yes, you have to remove MOST of the peaches from the branches and leave just a few and they will grow big and yummy. Now they just have hundreds of tiny, bitter peaches and huge piles on the ground because the branches can't support.

Next spring, I'm killing lots of peaches! And then I'm canning the rest of 'um!

Joining the carnival fun with the Morris Tribe today. This is an awesome blog!
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Gwen said...

I went for a walk around our neighborhood yesterday morning. I had to wait for a dozen (literally, I counted them!) turkeys to cross the street in front of me. I so wished for my camera. I kept thinking of posts like this! LOL Great minds think alike, huh?

My dad always gripes about his peaches. He has the same problem if the frost doesn't get them in spring. I'll have to suggest "killing" them to him.