Monday, August 06, 2012

What's Up Doc?

So, I finally got brave enough to use my newly acquired pressure cooker/canner. The water bath canner seemed pretty simple to me, but the pressure canner was a wee bit intimidating.

I really didn't want to blow up my house.

It was really pretty easy though! I stayed glued to the pot and watched the PSI gauge like a hawk! I would have loved to have canned fresh from my own garden carrots, but I had to settle for a giant bag from the grocery store. When Lacey sees me put the canner on the stove, she immediately gets her safety knife out of the drawer and pulls up her little stool to the counter. She loves to slice, dice, and cook! I think potatoes may be my next canning venture – I like the thought of canning things I know my kids will eat. Carrots and potatoes go with everything!


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Hi Christy! I got your comment and decided to post here as well as on my blog....

"Oooooo... Christy! You have a beautiful blog! Your photos are gorgeous! I see what you mean about the space and how the photos are close to the text. Every template is different and based how the template "author" has written the code determines how that template will respond to your prompts. I Use the "Simple" template on blogger and there was a couple of minor details that were driving me crazy - a bit of my OCD coming through, or should I say in a more positive way... my attention to details. So I hired a young computer wizard to change that part of the code for me or a somewhat modest fee. I basically gave him a prioritized list of what I wanted and told him my budget. Then I said work through my list in order and do as much as you can for X amount of $. I think he covered everything on the list but one thing."

BTW, Your carrots look great and that helper is a doll!
~ Amy

Michelle said...

Awesome! My MIL just gave me an old, but brand new pressure canner. I haven't been brave enough to use it yet!! :-) Good for you!