Sunday, January 20, 2008

brushy, brushy!

The boys have been asking for these chargable electronic toothbrushes. Well, being amost $20 each and having to buy three would set me back almost $60 for TOOTHBRUSHES. I thought this was a bit ridiculous so the free ones they get at cleanings were what they were going to use! Well, during a weekend visit with his grandma, Cody figured out how to get HIS toothbrush and came home with one - displayed it proudly. SO, to avoid problems, before Caleb and Dylan ever got back from their weekend visit with their dad, I bought two more toothbrushes. I'm only out $40 I guess. Anyway, Caleb and Dylan LOVE these things and asked me to take their picture. Who'd have thunk it?

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Leslie said...

Anything to get them to brush, it is well worth it!! Take it from me being that I work for a dentist and have seen what NOT brushing can do to poor kids teeth!! CUTE boys!