Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Such a FUN day!

I spent the day with my wonderful friend, Rebecca. Rebecca is already an EXPERT skirt maker, but she hasn't ventured into the world of dress making - until today! We have been trying to get together to do this for months and our schedules finally relented. I'm so glad Karlie got a mama made dress today! Soon she'll be an expert pillowcase dress maker too!

Rebecca's sweet puppy, Bonnie-Bell, a.k.a. "Bon Bon" is Lacey's first animal friend and oh does Lacey love Bon Bon! Lacey has been saying, "Becca" and "Bon Bon" all evening long. She even squealed with happiness when she saw Bonnie's picture! I hope our puppy is as sweet as Bon Bon, and I hope she will learn how to say her name! All dogs may be "Bon Bon" for a while! Here are a few photos from our fun day. Thanks for the fabulous lunch (the awesome cookies) and the great company Rebecca!

I can't believe how Lacey chased around and "man-handled" Bonnie all day long and Bonnie didn't even bark or growl or anything! SUCH a sweet puppy!!

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Valencia said...

You are so talented! Hint-Hint...maybe you could give some lessons at an Enrichment Night?! You do such a fantastic job with your sewing and scrapbooking. And I love your friend's puppy! Looks like Lacey loves her, too! Have a nice weekend.