Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I resolve...

·Have you ever felt like everyone in a room stopped talking because you walked in? Have you ever felt like an after-thought rather than a top consideration? Do you ever remember working on a group assignment in school and coming up with something super creative only to have a more aggressive group member claim the idea for their own and steal your thunder? I think we all encounter situations like this in our lives – this year I RESOLVE not to let it bug me. Granted I don’t deal with these issues on a daily basis, but some variation is always lurking about. I have decided to march to the beat of my own drummer this year. I have an awesome husband who supports me at each and every turn and with his help, I know this will be a successful year for us. US – that brings me to my next point. I love my husband so much, and the most wonderful part as is he LOVES ME BACK. Isn’t it awesome when it works out this way?? Travis knows my struggles, and he knows how to help me through them. I am so very blessed. Also, with a new calling in the Relief Society presidency, I know I will grow a lot, in a lot of ways. Yes, I know I will probably be the topic of conversation (see the beginning of this paragraph) but I know I will be doing what my Father In Heaven needs me to do, and I will do the best I can.
·I RESOLVE to surround myself with good and uplifting things. I was sitting in my friend Rebecca’s kitchen eating pizza and I knew I was in an uplifting place. There are many happy spots on this earth that don’t involve glitz or glam. Best frozen pizza I’ve ever eaten Rebecca!! I’ve found that uplifting people and things also work together to fight off those “am I good enough?” feelings that seem to plague many women. I think we all have to learn that just because “so and so” didn’t invite you to this or that, it isn’t the end of the world. I remember being stunned when someone I had known my entire life didn’t add me to their list of “friends” on their blog. WHO CARES?? Again, I will surround myself with “happy.”
·Keeping up with – the Joneses? Not me. I RESOLVE to be happy with what I have. Do I need a new car because my friend bought one? Does this benefit my family? Nope. I keep up with Christy, we put money in savings, not in cash registers. Yes, I do love to shop, but within reason – and NEVER because I have to have what someone else has. This is one of the many reasons I love to sew – I like “different.” My daughter doesn’t have to wear a dress that every other 18 month old may be wearing. And what is “cool” doesn’t require “GAP” or “Abercrombie” to be splashed across the front of it. This brings me to my next, uh…chapter.
·Our R.S. president asked my husband to describe me in one word. The word he chose was “creative.” The creative process keeps my spirits up, my heart beating and keeps me looking forward to another project. I was tickled with excitement that Travis chose this word. I love coming up with my own “stuff.” I had a online friend tell me after she saw a dress I made to “prepare yourself, it will be copied.” Travis always reminds me that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” This is all well and good but there is NOTHING like the rush of growing your own creative seeds, reaping the harvest of all those little brain cells that sparked and jumped and came up with your very own amazing creation. I challenge everyone to kick-start your own creativity this year!! It feels great! Remember in school when you worked hard and aced a test? This has to feel better than copying your neighbor’s paper, right?
·Lastly I RESOLVE to be more thankful and worry less about situations that are out of my control. There are people, no matter how much I love them, who will never love me back. There are issues in our lives that we simply cannot control. We can’t always make other people see our goals the way we see them. They can’t see the grand design or picture the scale and outcome. Just accept it – I’m really trying to do this. Accept people and situations for what they are and just be extremely thankful for all that you have and all that “works” the way it is supposed to!! I am thankful for my family and my good friends who are only a phone call and a good laugh away.
Happy 2008 to everyone. This will be my only novel for the year..LOL!


Viva Las Floyds said...

Great resolutions! We all should feel that way...just wish it was as easy to follow through! Oh, and congrats on your new calling in RS. (I'm Shannon's cousin by the way!)

Laresa said...

Christy When I read this post I was even more excited than I already am to have you in my presidency. I feel like I hardly know you but I know it is where you are supposed to be. I can't wait to hear you teach Sunday. You are awesome!! Everybody is going to love to get to know you.

Michelle Bass said...

I love your resolutions! I wish I was as half as talented as you are and cant wait to see you "grow" in relief society. I really needed to hear/read whatever some of the things you wrote. I think youre awesome!

connie said...

You go girl!!!! I was in the Relief Society Presidency for a long time. I found that sometimes you just have to please yourself and the rest falls into place.
If you rely on making others happy at your own expense, well you know how that goes!
Good Luck. Love your post.

ginger said...

i loved your "novel" :) you have some of my same thoughts exactly. hope you had a happy new year and continue to do so!! and congratulations on your new calling. i saw laresa in walmart before christmas and she was saying how excited she was to have you as her counselor!