Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stand Strong

Stand Strong

When others give up or surrender the fight,
When others choose not to follow the light,
When others choose to turn away from The Son,
Stand strong, for the battle must be won.

When others shun their spirit within,
When others choose to embrace sin,
When others fail and succumb to fear,
Stand strong, have faith, and persevere.

When others mock, and torment your life,
When others seek to impose strife,
When others brag of riches and spend without care,
Stand strong, in Heaven, your mansion is there.

Rise above “others,” rise above wrong,
Choose the right and always stand strong.

I wrote this very simple poem tonight – for my children. It’s always easier for me to remember “sing song” type lyrics and poems so I wanted to write this for them. Caleb and Dylan are with their dad this weekend and I miss them terribly.
I used to write poems all the time, it’s just fun! Maybe I’ll write more in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. Two of the phrases I like best are "rise above it" and "choose the right." In fact, I always wear my little CTR ring that one of my daughters gave me as a reminder of how to act in those "moments."