Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Projects

Saturday is always the day to get everything done at our house. Travis finished putting up shelving for me in our laundry room and I'm soooo thankful. I now have a nice place to hang and dry all of Lacey's handmade clothing. He also started on something very coooool. More details on this project later. I am so blessed to have such a devoted husband. He always says, "you know I'll get you anything you want." What's amazing is that he means it!
I had no intention of sewing today but with the rain there was simply nothing better to do. So, Lacey got another outfit!
We have lots of projects in the works - a little "home improvement" if you will. I love "change" and new things in my home. I can't wait! It was a super Saturday!


Valencia said...
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Valencia said...

I LOVE rainy weekend days in the winter! I did chores all day long yesterday until I went out to vote at about 5:30. Not much fun but it's nice when it's all done. Glad you had a great Saturday. Lacey's new dress is adorable, Christy! I really want to learn to sew!!!