Friday, January 25, 2008


UPDATE: Even if I add emails, only emails associated with those who have Blogger accounts will work. Since half my family doesn't have a Blogger account, they couldn't even view my blog. This makes having a blog pointless! So, I'm leaving it open and keeping the comments moderated. Hopefully this will be enough!!
I've decided to make my blog readable "by invitation only." I'm not sure exactly how it works yet but I can't risk having my friends' feelings hurt by mean people. This way I will know exactly who can read and who can't. I'm not going to post my email address here because obviously there is a weirdo on the loose. If you would like to read my blog - and I hope many of you will because I so love reading your comments - post a comment of this post. Leave your email address in your comment. I will get your email and then WILL NOT approve your post so it won't be visible to anyone but me. I won't allow it to go to my blog but I can still get your address. I think, still not sure about this, that I will need your email address in order to add you to the list of people allowed to read my blog. Sorry for all the hassel! I hope to hear from you all soon. All those ladies in my blog list - please send me your email!!
This is so sad, but very necessary. Thanks for understanding.


Anonymous said...

hopefully we can survive this!

christy said...

We will. We just have to stick together. We won't let one bad apple spoil a whole bunch of fun!