Saturday, January 12, 2008


The inspiration!
My wonderful husband bought me this beautiful diaper bag/purse for Christmas. He knows how much I love pink, and pink and brown is just gorgeous. I loved it so much I went on the hunt for some pink/brown toile to make Lacey a dress. I've had the polka dots since June!

I found this sweet toile and paired it with the polka dots. I just love how this turned out. Of course, I made bloomers to match and (not pictured) I made a monogramed sippy cup insert out of the toile. I will post my photos of my little model (and her cool cup) tomorrow!


connie said...

You are definitely obsessed! or possessed! I really, really love your blog and your creativity.
What type of sewing machine do you use. I need a new one desperately!
Although, I am only a dabbler and rudimentary at best for now.

christy said...

Hey Connie! I have an Kenmore. It's very basic. I have a more complicated machine but I'm always afraid to use it and go back to the Kenmore. Kenmores are great - you can't mess them up. Mine has been through the ringer!
I've been sewing less than a year. Unless you count all the cardstock I sewed on (scrapbooking). The more you do it the more you learn.

The Spradley's @ Shivers Green Rd said...

I love the toile brown and pink bag. IF this is a girl, I NEED a bag like that. Keyword *NEED* haha!